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Top Five Reasons you need a neighborhood Grocery Store.

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

There are always good reasons to have grocery stores, but I believe the food story a neighborhood tells is important. So I derived through conversation 5 reasons why a neighborhood needs a grocery store.

1. The only story the neighborhood knows for food comes from a corner store.

This is important because this tells us why people dont like the word healthy and why they have an aversion to it.

2. The packaging for the elderly outweigh the serving size the ease of opening.

The elderly have a hard time opening up packages and serving sizes mean they waste food. 

3. You no longer need a bus pass to buy your groceries.

Transportation is the major issue people don't have enough money to buy groceries. Families make decision about transportation before they buy food.

4. Neighborhood grocery stores create generational community.

Most grocery stores phase out in 15 years with something new or bigger for the community. 

The neighborhood grocery can operate without competition.

5. A neighborhood grocery store could change the trajectory of a family story on how they access food.

When we look at the rate that families struggle with food security smaller grocery stores in communities break down on food shortage. 

When we look around at neighborhoods gentrifying a grocery store can determine two things it can further gentrify or it can restore the families in the neighborhood.

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