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Good Food Chain

A couple of years ago I was invited to fill out a grant a food value chain. This was a difficult task for me because we just started developing the other programming for our eco system. Our ecosystem that results in a good food chain is food faith and culture.

This is important to all of us because food is essential for culture and people. I was in my college class around ethnicity and a portrait of tacos and mise in place setting was situated.

It was very difficult to interpret all the cultural phenomenons that played in the place from the origin of tacos, breakfast tacos, and the uniform place setting of mise en place.

This let me know food and culture play a huge role in good food chain and who determines this resilient food chain. We see how faith communities dive into a lot of food insecurities issues.

Today as you think what a good food chain is remember there is a culture of people who find it as essential and others who find it elegant. We don't have a 3 Michelin star restaurant in Minnesota but I know of two in Mexico City that serve tacos.

let's remember good food chains are developed and created by our standards in culture!

See you tomorrow!

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