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Food Sovereignty

Food Sovereignty is such a hard part of the good food chain to master. We love feeding people and watching kids shop in our store. The problem is we don't own all the distribution to our food.

We deal with supply chains issues, food shelflife, expiration dates. We as a grocery store have to fight all that with distributors. Then don't mention the discontinuation of a product that your customers love.

We all need to find out a way to be food value chain. This is who we are with our choice. We do have a choice but it's seems we aren't. This is how we get to the climax of food insecurity it is food sovereignty.

What would happen if a membership helped get control of food sovereignty?

What if you bought for distribution not just consumption?

What if the demand wasn't for discontinued but for a food value chain?

Join us in building a coalition of food fighters!

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