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Carl’s Favorite Places in the Twin Cities

Here at Storehouse Grocers—Minnesota's leading Black-owned grocery store—we thought we’d share the love and let you know about some other local Black-owned businesses that we know and trust. From fitness, film, and food, these Black-owned businesses have got you covered!

1) Georgia Fort

Georgia Fort, an Emmy-nominated producer and correspondent has recently released a new documentary called “George Floyd: It happened here” that puts the narrative of George Floyd’s death and the subsequent protests into the hands of local Minnesotans. This focus is a continuation of her promise to change the narrative surrounding the Black community.

2) Sir Cerresso Fort Boxing & Fitness

Sir Cerresso Fort Boxing & Fitness offers youth and adult fitness classes, tailoring unique experiences for all of your individual needs. Whether you want to go professional, learn self-defense or just keep in shape, Sir Cerreso has got you covered. They also have a program training and mentoring youth, so get in touch with them if you want to sponsor a young athlete’s dreams!

You can visit their website and be sure to follow them on Facebook!

3) Soul Bowl

Owned and operated by Gerard and Brittany Klass, Soul Bowl has been described as “the Chipotle of soul food”, combining southern comfort and Jamaican spice to make the perfect bowl of tasty goodness. Soul Bowl is also extremely active in the community and shares our passion for service and providing good food to those who need it!

Check out Soul Bowl's website. They also offer curbside pickup and delivery!

4) Elite Boutique

Owned and operated by Tiffany Hicks, Elite boutique is the place for high-quality clothes at an affordable price! Currently located in the Maplewood Mall, Elite Boutique offers a wide selection of unique pieces, including hand-beaded necklaces and silk printed tops. They offer shipping on all of their items and regularly offer discounts and giveaways.

5) Black Business Enterprises

Black Business Enterprises, also known as the BBE, works to foster Black businesses in most US states and around the world. They help with every step of the way to form, start and launch your business. Founded on the “Ujaama Principle” or “Cooperative Black Economics,” the BBE is dedicated to making sure that money circulates within the black community rather than leaving it.

Their current CEO Nancy Korsah was born in Ghana and raised in Italy. Coming to the US she was inspired by the Black community and made it her mission to uplift black businesses and help them thrive. Go visit the BBE website here and be sure to follow their local Minnesota branch on Facebook.

Shop at Storehouse Grocers, a Black-owned Business in St. Paul

Here at Storehouse Grocers we believe in black-owned and operated businesses, which is why we hope you’ll support these amazing men and women and the phenomenal work that they do. Meanwhile, we’ll always be here making sure that Dayton’s Bluff and the surrounding area is well-fed. Call us today and get free delivery on low-cost, high-quality groceries!

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