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Top Five Goals of Storehouse Grocers

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

TWe want publish five goals that have been researched and suggest for a successful business to operate specifically in Dayton's Bluff.

We are using these guides to establish the micro grocery store.

Jump on the Technology Wagon – Expand the current website to introduce the upcoming grocery store, but to also share the vision, mission, and product offerings. Allowing consumers to order their groceries online and pick-up at the local store for an added convenience. In addition, use internet to introduce new products and services that the grocery store will offer in the future 

2. Partner for Success - Storehouse Grocers, will provide an opportunity for growth and assistance instead of competition. The concept provided by Storehouse Grocers can not only just be expanded through grocery chains such as Hy-Vee,. Storehouse Grocers in other impoverished areas. In addition, Storehouse Grocers will partner with local schools and community groups to provide free cooking classes and educational opportunities to help promote and continue to encourage healthy eating habits in the community.

3. Create a Distinguishing Identity – One added benefit of Storehouse Grocers is that the funds raised through the grocery store will be used to fund the local activities of the Faith City Church in Dayton’s Bluff. This is an added benefit that will be shared in more detail and used as a distinguishing factor from traditional grocery stores. Customers will be educated that not only do their contributions support local farmers, but also programs and ministries that will be offered in their church community. Thus, their dollars are recycled within their community to programs and ministries that will directly impact them.

4. Added Discount - Neighbors will be aware of the added discounts that will be received when shopping at Storehouse Grocers in lieu of traditional grocery stores. Not only is it more convenient because of the location, but the grocery store will not include the added taxes from traditional grocery stores due to packaging and shipping. Instead, customers will receive their products directly from local farmers thus passing on additional benefits of fresher foods, and elimination of added costs typically tacked on by “middle man” businesses.

5. Farmer Incubator- Storehouse Grocers will provide space for local farmers to generate income and visibility to reach more customers. In doing so creating a hub for farmers to see their families and neighbors reached with healthy food. We will also create a diverse environment for farmers to introduce new foods to different cultures.

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