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DIY Coffee Crawl St.Paul

Do- It- Yourself- Black Owned Coffee Crawl

Did you know Saint Paul is home to Black owned Coffee shops. I was impressed when I moved here in 2016 with all the inventive coffee shops but noticed there wasn’t any in the space. I loved coffee but put on the back corner.

Then I took a trip to New York and saw a black owned coffee shop. I was encouraged! I did a podcast with a friend and meet a roaster all the way in Portland. He loved my story and wanted to open up a neighborhood coffee shop.

I asked if I started buying what would the look like. I ordered my first 30 pounds and it sold out to my amazement. 1 year later we opened Storehouse Coffee alongside our micro grocery store. We are on the corner of 7th and Hope in Dayton’s Bluff with hand crafted lattes and home made syrups that remind you of the south. If you start your crawl here you stomach will thank you because of the low acidity our coffee brings.

Then if you are looking for another great spot head on over to Flava Coffee a youth development and great hip hop flavored drinks and great vibe with amble parking. I love the Bell Hooks myself. I found the MC lyte to be a good coffee as well.

Then head on over to Unity cafe because have you ever had cassava leaf soup and boba. Then this is the space for you. It is a small quaint coffee shop with a lot of flavor. Baba Jome is a great barista with lots of flare and flavor. He opens at 12 most days so stay tuned.

P.S. We will be opening our second location on Rice and cook this summer so look out for new flavors and roasted coffee!

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